[NEW] i'm making a properer website at hecko.my.to so check that out if you wanna

warning alert

this site is made by a person who is not interesting

there is no awesome™ content to be found here

also i barely ever do anything on it so there's not much content in general

if you still haven't left, here are some questions you may or may not want the answers to (i'll make it look better someday i swear)

q: why did you put this warning page up

a: it's because someone on neocities (edit: this, which as of 2021 i've been told is wrong and bad) said that not everyone should have a neocities and it kinda made me think so here we go

q: why don't you just delete it then lol

a: muh brain tells me not to

also having a personal page is cool if you want to, like, make a really long bio or something

q: it can't be that bad, can it now

a: i mean

it's not the boringest website to have ever existed

but it's probably in the bottom 20% i'd say

q: why do you type like this

a: it's the hip new style also i'm used to it

q: was that a heckin' mlp in a nutshell reference

a: maybe

if you wanna enter the site anyway then you can push this big red button i guess

i would like to do the thing