looks like you didn't heed my warning

oh well

welcome to the domain of sobsz, the eternally confuzzled1 autistic furry person man™

most of the things i've got planned for this thing isn't done yet because i'm a lazy boi so i crossed them out for now

ALSO DID YOU KNOW I SUCK AT DRAWING i swear i'm gonna write a rant about that someday and it's gonna have a black background and all that fancy stuff (edit: actually now that i think about it it's more about me not doing anything in general and i might rant about that instead but who knows)

anyway, here you can check out:

some more stuff may come soon

or not

who cares tbh

1ok so i googled it and apparently that's the name of a furry convention, that wasn't intentional i swear

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it's not bootstrap™