are y'all ready for some

l o r e

proysia was founded in 1754 by Glorious Overlord™ in an attempt to replicate the success of russia (it didn't work but we're still hopeful)

the five founding principles of proysia are:

proysia's national animal is the red fox due to its objective superiority over all other species also they look cool

as part of the proysian anti-capitalist campaign, all usage of capital letters is punishable by gulag; exceptions include YELLING and referring to Glorious Overlord™

the 3rd grade compulsory reading list includes the entire second season of my little pony: friendship is magic

the classic national greeting roughly translates to "salutations, gamer"

Glorious Overlord™ is a half-vampire, making him unaging as well as generally awesome; those with "evidence" claiming otherwise shall be sent to gulag

our current stance on gun control is that guns are cool; this may change under certain conditions, including (but not limited to) Glorious Overlord™ losing in a round of fortnite