if you found this website by chance and/or luck you may be asking yourself


and that's honestly a very reasonable question

here's the answer

so there's this country roleplay thing on discord where you pretend to be the benevolent leader of a country and it's kinda cool go check it out

i joined it because of this guy called eliot who i know for being the host of the randomizer™ (it's a discord game) and nova™ (also a discord game but l o n g) and also he's a furry so that's cool

then i picked proysia because it sounded like a bootleg russia and that's kinda funny

then i made a flag which looked kinda like the current one except with slightly different colors and the twitter emoji version of a hammer and wrench and it was bad

then i got bored because there wasn't much to do besides trading stuff you don't have and competing in the hold the button world cup

so i made a website

and now here we are

also 1 day irl is "~20" days in the sim so that's why this website is in the future

also also my discord is @zsboS#8977 i didn't know where to put it (not in the footer because that would be dumb and stupid) so it goes here